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Please follow the following guidelines when adding translations:

  1. Do not infringe copyright! We will be forced to remove all copyrighted material sooner or later, so save yourself the hard work and trouble and look for any works outside of copyright. These generally include any works that are 70 years since the date of publication.
  2. If you offer a translation yourself, please indicate this on the main page of the book title (translation by, your full name). We will not remove your translation if another one appears, but we will have to give priority to published works for academic purposes (primarily citation).
  3. In the event some works are not translated and you wish to request some, please do so at the forum.
  4. When adding translations, keep all formatting as in original (including mistakes, etc.). Again, this is primarily for academic purposes. If you disagree with the translators, please refer to the forum or the discussion page (left sidebar).
  5. Refrain from interpretations as much as possible. Whilst we acknowledge that this is not always possible, especially with translations, aphil.org is aimed to link aphorisms and let people think for themselves first. We do not want to replace academic thinking, but to stimulate it in a fruitful manner.
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