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 +====== FN.-AC. §13 ======
 +===== The Antichrist. =====
 +<​tab>​Let us not under-estimate [underestimate] this fact: that //we ourselves//,​ we free spirits, are already a “transvaluation of all values,” a //​visualized//​ declaration of war and victory against all the old concepts of “true” and “not true.” The most valuable intuitions are the last to be attained; the most valuable of all are those which determine //​methods//​. All the methods, all the principles of the scientific spirit of today, were the targets for thousands of years of the most profound contempt; if a man inclined to them he was excluded from the society of “decent” people–he passed as “an enemy of God,” as a scoffer at the truth, as one “possessed.” As a man of science, he belonged to the Chandala((The lowest of the Hindu castes.[--Ed.])).... We have had the whole pathetic stupidity of mankind against us–their every notion of what the truth //ought// to be, of what the service of the truth //ought// to be–their every “thou shalt” was launched against us.... Our objectives, our methods, our quiet, cautious, distrustful manner–all appeared to them as absolutely discreditable and contemptible.–Looking back, one may almost ask one’s self with reason if it was not actually an //​aesthetic//​ sense that kept men blind so long: what they demanded of the truth was picturesque effectiveness,​ and of the learned a strong appeal to their senses. It was our //modesty// that stood out longest against their taste.... How well they guessed that, these turkey-cocks of God!
 +===== Similarities to aphorisms by Nietzsche =====
 +===== Similarities to aphorisms by others =====
 +===== Academic interpretations =====
 +===== Other connections =====
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