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 +====== FN.-AC. §3 ======
 +===== The Antichrist. =====
 +<​tab>​The problem that I set here is not what shall replace mankind in the order of living creatures (–man is an end–): but what type of man must be //bred//, must be //willed//, as being the most valuable, the most worthy of life, the most secure guarantee of the future.\\
 +<​tab>​This more valuable type has appeared often enough in the past: but always as a happy accident, as an exception, never as deliberately //willed//. Very often it has been precisely the most feared; hitherto it has been almost //the// terror of terrors;​–and out of that terror the contrary type has been willed, cultivated and //​attained//:​ the domestic animal, the herd animal, the sick brute-man–the Christian....
 +===== Similarities to aphorisms by Nietzsche =====
 +===== Similarities to aphorisms by others =====
 +===== Academic interpretations =====
 +===== Other connections =====
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