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 +====== FN.-AC. §41 ======
 +===== The Antichrist. =====
 +<​tab>​–And from that time onward an absurd problem offered itself: “how //could// God allow it!” To which the deranged reason of the little community formulated an answer that was terrifying in its absurdity: God gave his son as a //​sacrifice//​ for the forgiveness of sins. At once there was an end of the gospels! Sacrifice for sin, and in its most obnoxious and barbarous form: sacrifice of the //​innocent//​ for the sins of the guilty! What appalling paganism!–Jesus himself had done away with the very concept of “guilt,​” he denied that there was any gulf fixed between God and man; he //lived// this unity between God and man, and that was precisely //his// “glad tidings”.... And //not// as a mere privilege!–From this time forward the type of the Saviour was corrupted, bit by bit, by the doctrine of judgment and of the second coming, the doctrine of death as a sacrifice, the doctrine of the //​resurrection//,​ by means of which the entire concept of “blessedness,​” the whole and only reality of the gospels, is juggled away–in favour of a state of existence //after// death!... St. Paul, with that rabbinical impudence which shows itself in all his doings, gave a logical quality to that conception, that //​indecent//​ conception, in this way: “//If// Christ did not rise from the dead, then all our faith is in vain!”–And at once there sprang from the Gospels the most contemptible of all unfulfillable promises, the //​shameless//​ doctrine of personal immortality.... Paul even preached it as a //​reward//​....
 +===== Similarities to aphorisms by Nietzsche =====
 +===== Similarities to aphorisms by others =====
 +===== Academic interpretations =====
 +===== Other connections =====
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