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 +====== FN.-AC. §47 ======
 +===== The Antichrist. =====
 +<​tab>​–The thing that sets us apart is not that we are unable to find God, either in history, or in nature, or behind nature–but that we regard what has been honoured as God, not as “divine,​” but as pitiable, as absurd, as injurious; not as a mere error, but as a //crime against life//.... We deny that God is God.... If any one were to //show// us this Christian God, we’d be still less inclined to believe in him.–In a formula: //deus, qualem Paulus creavit, dei negatio//​.–Such a religion as Christianity,​ which does not touch reality at a single point and which goes to pieces the moment reality asserts its rights at any point, must be inevitably the deadly enemy of the “wisdom of this world,” which is to say, of //​science//​–and it will give the name of good to whatever means serve to poison, calumniate and //cry down// all intellectual discipline, all lucidity and strictness in matters of intellectual conscience, and all noble coolness and freedom of the mind. “Faith,​” as an imperative, vetoes science–//​in praxi//, lying at any price.... Paul //well knew// that lying–that “faith”–was necessary; later on the church borrowed the fact from Paul.–The God that Paul invented for himself, a God who “reduced to absurdity” “the wisdom of this world” (especially the two great enemies of superstition,​ philology and medicine), is in truth only an indication of Paul’s resolute //​determination//​ to accomplish that very thing himself: to give one’s own will the name of God, //​thora//​–that is essentially Jewish. Paul //wants// to dispose of the “wisdom of this world”: his enemies are the //good// philologians and physicians of the Alexandrine school–on them he makes his war. As a matter of fact no man can be a //​philologian//​ or a physician without being also //​Antichrist//​. That is to say, as a philologian a man sees //behind// the “holy books,” and as a physician he sees //behind// the physiological degeneration of the typical Christian. The physician says “incurable”;​ the philologian says “fraud.”...
 +===== Similarities to aphorisms by Nietzsche =====
 +===== Similarities to aphorisms by others =====
 +===== Academic interpretations =====
 +===== Other connections =====
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